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Happy Birthday To Us!

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Favia’s 5th Birthday Party
To celebrate Favia’s five-year anniversary, in April 2011 we threw a big party at our office. We wish to thank all the people who shared that special day with us.. The party was full of positive emotions, fun, music, greetings, presents and wonderful wishes.     Read More...
Let India in your heart
In March 2011 the stuff of Kiev office will bring a part of the cradle of humanity and civilization to next social club meeting. India is the oldest and most versatile country in the world and our female clients will have an opportunity to learn something new and interesting about the mentality of this many-sided country.     Read More...
February Social Club Meeting
February’s social club meeting was dedicated to France – the country of beautiful people, gourmet food, love and champagne. Apart from singing us some beautiful French songs, our special guest lector answered the whole lot of questions our ladies had regarding this amazing country, its people, the French men and their way of courting women.     Read More...
Be my Valentine in Kiev's office
St. Valentine’s Day is a holiday people celebrate all over the world. We won’t be an exception and our February Social Club meeting we will dedicate to this Day. We are going to organize a lot of funny competitions and unexpected performances for our dear ladies. A surprise of the meeting will be a little Cupid who will let the wishes of our clients come true.     Read More...
St. Valentine’s Party
The day on which the whole world celebrates love, is most special to Favia as LOVE is our mission, goal, occupation and inspiration. Traditionally, every year we organise a St. Valentine’s party for our clients. This year’s party was a bit different as we had a client’s hen party happening right there in our office.     Read More...
New Year Party
For Ukrainians the winter holiday season is a very special time and the country is famous with its New Year’s celebrations. People’s festive attitude, the city lights and decorations, the Christmas and New Year’s spirit is all around during the winter season. Favia’s New Year Party has already turned into a tradition.     Read More...
Christmas Party in Bulgaria
In December a group of Favia staff and clients travelled to Bulgaria to celebrate Christmas with our Bulgarian colleagues. Those of us who visited Bulgaria for the first time, were truly happy to discover this amazing country with its lovely people, cuisine and traditions. The rest of us simply enjoyed the stay and the Christmas party our colleagues had organised.     Read More...
Makeup Workshop
In November we decided to surprise our clients with a make-up workshop at our office where they had the opportunity to learn how to apply their own make up like pros. We had invited a professional makeup artist to teach us how to take advantage of our most beautiful and distinct features, because as we learned - makeup should be used to accentuate and highlight your best features as opposed to concealing them.     Read More...
Intellectual advice about Cross-Cultural Relationships
Intercultural relationships today - is the foundation of a stable and developed country. This theme is the background of our October Social Club meeting. We will organise the event aimed at study of other customs and traditions. Our guest, a professional psychologist, will answer and explain all arising questions and will help our female clients to see a lot of opportunities in cross-cultural relationships.     Read More...
Italian traditions and their temper
At July’s Social Club meeting we decided to get to know more about Italy; its traditions and famous Italian temper can’t help but attract attention of Ukrainian women. A special Italian guest lector will help us to look at this intriguing country through the eyes of Italians. He will tell us about Italian cuisine and well-known Italian family-moorings.     Read More...
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