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Additional Services (Bulgaria)

There are 12 movie theatres in Sofia with three of them - “Arena” Cinema Complexes - considered to be among the biggest in Europe. The cinemas have modern and contemporary cinema equipment.

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Museums and Galleries
Sofia houses numerous museums, notably the National Historical Museum, the Bulgarian Natural History Museum, the Museum of Earth and Men, the Ethnographic Museum, the National Museum of Military History, the National Polytechnic Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. In addition, there are the Sofia City Art Gallery, the Bulgarian National Gallery of Arts, the Bulgarian National Gallery for Foreign Art, as well as numerous private art galleries. A real piece of art is the notable building of “Ivan Vazov” National Theatre, built in a German neoclassicism architecture style.

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Night life
When it comes to nightlife and entertainment, Sofia is second to none. The city dwellers love to dance, chat, drink, eat, party and meet up in cafés, restaurants, bars and clubs on most evenings, especially in the summer time. Sofia boasts a great selection of restaurants, cafes, piano bars, live music clubs, discos, etc., featuring the whole music style spectrum, from house and trance to rock and hiphop. Most of Sofia restaurants have live music and offer international food varying from Russian to Japanese and most of them.

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Parks and Gardens
The main park of Sofia is the natural park "Vitosha", which covers part of the mountain itself.

Sofia’s Central Park is called Borisova Gradina (Boris garden). The Park houses the Ariana lake, "Vasil Levski" national stadium, "Bulgarian Army" stadium, a number of tennis courts, swimming pools, monuments, gardens, paths, children’s playgrounds, to mention but a few.

Sofia’s City Garden is located in the central part of the capital, next to the City Gallery and opposite the National Theatre. In the Garden there are: a fountain with a sculpture of a dancer, a playground, a number of alleys with benches. Although smaller in size, the city garden is a nice place to stroll and relax and a favourite gathering place for chess players. A small park behind the National Gallery of Art is a continuation of the city garden. It has a dozen of sculptures and lots of old trees.

Southern Park is the second largest park in Sofia, after the Boris Garden. It houses the "Spartacus" swimming pool, a number of playgrounds, lakes, paths, alleys, cafés, etc. South Park is a preferred venue for outdoor celebrations, organized by Sofia municipality.

The third biggest park in Sofia is the so called Western Park, which offers plenty of space for walking and relaxation, many playgrounds, alleys, several restaurants, and many others.

Sofia is one of the greenest cities in the world. There are trees along all streets and many small gardens scattered around the city.

Another site of interest is the Sofia Zoo, established in 1888. It is the oldest and the biggest zoo on the Balkans.

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Sofia offers numerous shopping options. The city boasts six modern shopping malls, a number of factory outlet malls, several central shopping streets and plenty of hyper and open markets. Shoppers will be equally enticed by the world famous luxury brands, the reasonably priced good quality local products and the bargain deals at the open markets. Vitosha Boulevard, ranked as the world's 22nd most expensive commercial street — houses numerous fashion boutiques and luxury stores and features collections by top fashion designers.

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Sofia Sports & Outdoors
Sofia is also a great destination for a wide variety of sporting events. The number of sport venues and facilities make the city an ideal host for large regional, national and international sporting events. Vasil Levski National Stadium, located in Sofia's Borisova Garden is one of Bulgaria's main sport venues. Apart from serving as an training facility for the Bulgarian national football team, the stadium hosts most of the major national and international sport events and concerts.

The capital city also offers a variety of sport and recreation opportunities. In the winter Vitosha Mountain, which is only 15 min away from the city centre is an excellent choice for winter sports like skiing and snowboarding; in the summertime the mountain offers excellent conditions for trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, alpinism, paraplanerism, cave and speleological tourism. Sofia also offers facilities for swimming, tennis, cycling, football, volleyball, chess and horseback riding, to mention but a few.

There are 2 golf courses near Sofia - St. Sofia Golf Club & Spa, situated just 15 minutes away from Sofia’s downtown and Air Sofia Golf Club, situated at the outskirts of Ihtiman, a small town approx. 45 km south-east of Sofia. Personal service combined with excellent golf facilities at both clubs, create a relaxing and friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.

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Springs and Waters
Sofia has been renowned for the abundance of healing cold and thermal mineral springs since antiquity. There are over 40 springs, located both in the city itself—the Central Mineral Baths—and in the adjacent areas—Knyazhevo, Ovcha Kupel and Gorna Banya. Bankya, located 17 km away from Sofia in the Ljulin Mountain, is a spa resort of international fame

The Pancharevo lake and mineral spring zone, 15 km south-east of Sofia, is an attractive getaway for sunbathing, water sports, fishing and spa treatment. The rowing centre organises national and international contests.

The Iskar Lake is located 37 km away from the capital and offers excellent opportunities for recreation, water sports and fishing.

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Vitosha National Park
The area surrounding Sofia is rich in natural beauty. The tranquillity and charm of Mount Vitosha offers ideal spots for picnics or walking in the summer and superb skiing in the winter. The picturesque villages at its foothills are just a short tram or bus ride away from the bustling capital.

The Vitosha Mountain is one of the symbols of Sofia and the closest site (some 15 km south from Sofia city centre) for hiking, alpinism and skiing. Vitosha has the outlines of an enormous dome, with a height of 2,290 m. The territory of the mountain includes the Vitosha national park which is the oldest natural park on the Balkans.

Roads, alleys, paths, chair and cabin lifts provide easy access to the high mountain peaks. There are two skiing centres with national and international importance boasting a variety of skiing facilities. Votosha Mountain has two natural reserves and a number of natural landmarks - waterfalls and caves. The Vitosha Mountain also offers various opportunities for winter sports.

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